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what really D8!? what did she do??

She wouldn’t let anyone come and talk to her or take a picture with her unless we paid £20 for a signing… others were cool with it but the guy at the front was like, “she doesn’t like people coming up to her and invading her personal space” -_- how is saying ‘Hi’ behind a desk invading her personal space :s 

She’s not even that famous… and why would you be an actress if you didn’t wanna talk to people -_-

and she wore a big hat so you couldn’t even take a pic from a-far lol

He didn’t specifically say that she doesn’t like people invading her personal space. But that is what you would conclude from what he said. She said she’s been quite finicky and she’s not comfortable with people going down (as in down the pathway kinda thing) and not getting an autograph. She’s basically not very comfortable with people coming up with her.

Also, when people were coming up to her to get an autograph, she seemed busy on her phone and made them wait for a few seconds. She was one of the people who didn’t want pictures taken (even if you go down and get an autograph) and, like Nina said, wearing a stupid big fugly hat so people pictures from afar come out shit.

What Nina said near the end is exactly what I was saying to Nina once we left. You know if you get famous, that people are going to want to come up to you and take pictures of you. It’s to be expected. She was just being a bitch!

Oh, I got a pic with Rob aka The Todd too! It’s on Facebook.

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If you reblog Sherlock Holmes:










Am I one of the only people who, when I think of Sherlock Holmes, I don’t think of this:

Sherlock the TV series

Or this:

Sherlock Holmes movies

But this:

Sherlock Holmes…the books. Does no one read them anymore? They are amazing. I have all intentions of watching the series and movies once I’ve finished the books, but I want to finish the books first. And will always think of the books first. People always ask questions about the series. The common one is “What happened to Sherlock? He died but then he came back.” or something along those lines. Asking questions about the season 2 finale. The reason is, Arthur Conan Doyle got sick of writing about Sherlock Holmes (which is common for authors) and killed him. After fan complaints, he brought him back and explained it away. He said Sherlock faked his death to get rid of his enemies. Nothing wrong with watching it, but read the books too. The series is, after all “a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories”.

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Happy Friday The 13th EVERYONE!

Got this top some time back, but was saving my “first wear” for today!

In true Friday the 13th style, I will be doing something horror based. This time, watching horror movies. Seeing as how this Friday the 13th falls in the middle of summer (even though the weather might so otherwise, lol), I shall be watching “I know what you did last summer”. Following that, probably a Friday the 13th movie.

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Watching this guy on Family Guy atm!! HAHA Never gets old! =D

Somewhere that’s Green! LOL! Gotta love Family Guy!


Watching this guy on Family Guy atm!! HAHA Never gets old! =D

Somewhere that’s Green! LOL! Gotta love Family Guy!

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Desperate Housewives, The Finale.

I have to be off to bed as it’s very very late, but I just watched the finale of desperate housewives that aired Sunday (In America anyway). I’ll probably edit this/make a new post about how I felt about the episode when I get some spare time, but I have to say…that was truly amazing! I have a lot to say about it though, and a few things that need to be mentioned (most of it good, but not all, like where was Edie’s ghost?). Anyway, I’ll get into all of this tomorrow (well technically today) evening.

And if you haven’t watched it yet…go and do so now.

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Good job London

well there goes my wallet again for another 4 years
yasmew replied to your post: Looking through the London Mayor election tag…I am so pissed right now!!! I actually hate London for being so stupid, cannot contain my anger. Reason he has been voted by most people “he’s bloody hilarious!” are you fucking kidding!
Are you being serious? because of that? wow… wow London

thingsninaloves: Tell me about it! I swear the whole city is a joke along with it’s mayor! He’s going to make a joke out of the Olympics too

Me: Have you guys never heard this before?? I have heard this from many a people! People always say “Ah, but he’s so funny though” every single time I talk smack out the stupid fuck. So fucking pissed off. And yeah, Nina, I was saying that to you too. He made us look like a joke at the Beijing olympics, and he’ll do it again.


Another four years of a regressive Conservative mayor who doesn’t give a fuck about the poor. Good job.

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People of London…


So, apparently you have decided to have yet another 4 years of the twat that is Boris Johnson. WHY?!

I’m am not biased to any certain politician. And I couldn’t care less about the person apart from:

1. Are the relatable? So this means, do they understand what it is like to be us. 

2. Do they have good policies and a good standing?

3. Are they the right person to represent us? Although this is probably the least important. But it would be nice if the person didn’t act like an absolute twat on TV. I want a Mayor, not a village idiot.

Does Boris meet ANY of these requirements?

None of his polices give us the things I want most. Also, he doesn’t stick to anything he says. 

1. He says he wants to cut waste from City Hall. Boris, you said this 4 years ago…you seem to be quite slow at implementing this.

2. You say you want to cut crime…you say you want to have more police on the beat, and overall you want to make London safer. We have had a week of riots under your rule. You say crime has lowered, but that’s just overall. And crime lowered at a much slower rate over the last four years then the four years previously.

3. You said 4 years ago that you would control spending of the olympics. Spending has gone out of control.

4. You say you’ll be supporting smaller businesses, transforming high streets and creating more jobs. I’m afraid this is something you just can’t promise. Under your parties rule, we have plunged back into a double dip recession. You may create 20,000 more jobs, but you can guarantee that, at the same time, a larger number will be unemployed. This might not be your fault, but it is the fault of the part YOU are associated with.

5. You say you’ll be decreasing Tube delays, but at what cost. You have already increased our ticket fares and cut many a job, so will this money finally be utilised in something worthwhile, unlike the stupid £60 MILLION cable cars. You said 4 years ago that you’ll listen to us, yet you raised our fares, so that was obviously a lie. He is also promising better transport links for people, yet he promised this four years ago and not much has been done. In fact, he has cut bus routes. He also promised to get rid of those dangerous bendy buses…yet there they are. 

6. 4 years ago you complained about Ken introducing the congestion charge. You may have removed part of it, but you raised the prices and made it more expensive to travel by Bus and Tube, so all in all it’s expensive for us to travel.

All in all, Boris is someone who just can’t relate to us Londoners. He says he’s aware of crime, yet he leaves his bike unlocked and complains when it gets nicked…yes Boris, bikes get nicked. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT!! You SHOULD know that you can’t leave your bike unlocked…so clearly you are UNAWARE of the situation. Stop complaining and DO something about it.

My sister told me about the tumblr tag, but you don’t even need to look there!! Just talking to people, some Londoners some not, you become very aware of the reason people vote for Boris. It’s because they think we are voting for a village (or should I say city) FOOL!!! He has shown us up on multiple occasions and made London look like twats. And everything he has done in the last four years has been absolutely shit! The only decent thing is Barclays Bikes, but this wasn’t even first thought of by Boris, but was in fact Ken who first mentioned it. 


And when you find that no policies are met, your transport fares rise and yet are more delayed, we have more riots and he makes the olympics an absolute joke……………………. DON’T FUCKING COMPLAIN!

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People in the UK

Hold on to your hats. Tomorrow we find out the figures for the recent quarter. If it’s negative, we will be back in recession. Of course, there is a chance of a small amount of growth…meaning we will have escaped recession…yet again. Which will be great, but then the question will be raised of how long this growth/contraction erratic fluctuation will go on. We want growth, but we want it to be sustainable and stable…which is just as important as getting growth itself. 

It just seems like a return to the economic situation before New Labour, only nowhere near as erratic. The government really needs to sort this out.

If you want to know more, follow this link:

Of course, as the link says, this is a preliminary figure…but it is still very important.

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Pardon my French - fuckin’ hell, that was moving.

Oh…oh my.  Even if I could word this properly, there are no words to describe the truth of a video that speaks for itself except to say, “If you don’t watch it, you miss out.”

Always reblog.

{Time to reblog this again?

Cool with me.}

((Oh hey Charlie Chaplin. What’s that? You have a speech in your first talking picture? Well isn’t that sweet, I’m sure it’s very ni-whoa…))

legit crying right now yeah

I agree whole-heartedly.

I just really really like this video, I find it all kinds of inspirational

I’ve probably said this like 8 million times in the past but everyone needs to watch “The Great Dictator” at least once. While the majority of the movie is very funny and lighthearted, the end speech (this speech) is probably hands-down one of the greatest in cinematic history.

I’m.. really happy they chose to present this speech as the way to move people and make them think very hard. Very hard of reality. It’s old, yes, but it still is true even today. Charlie Chaplin’s speech will go do in history forever, I swear to you. I did this man as my project in World History and I have some obnoxious and small minded people in there. They all were quiet and watched this video with intent as I showed it. As it finished, they said it was one of the best videos they’d seen. Same as the words of my History Teacher. Overall, the message is here. If you look over this, you’re missing out. Watch it now.

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

ignore the thumbnail and watch

WOW! What a great speech!

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So many desperate housewives post…

I was meant to blog this stuff sooner. I need to stop being so tumblr inactive.

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